Tim Abraham

Tim Abraham's Bio

Timothy Abraham is a JUNO award-winning producer, mix/recording engineer, composer, writer and multi-instrumentalist.

At any given time, Tim might be mixing a country radio single for Tim Hicks or a rap hit for Jazz Cartier. He might be finishing a production on a Royal Wood album, programming synths for Grand Analog, recording guitars with Joey Landreth, drums for Steve Strongman, writing with Jadea Kelly, or scoring a series for CBC.

Tim’s broad skill set and experience are perfectly suited for the many ways artists are creating music and drawing from a wide range of influences. Tim is just as comfortable tracking a room full of musicians live to his Studer 2” track tape machine, or jamming out some bluegrass banjo as he is programming a Moog, or cooking up synth pop with the latest software instruments.

In November 2017, Tim finished construction on what is one of the finest producer studios in Toronto. Tim designed the A Room @ Soleil Sound (formerly The Hive) to be a beautiful, inspiring space with an industrial loft feel full of natural light. It merges the best of analog and digital technologies in innovative ways to create a unique studio that enables lightning-fast workflows in any genre. Tim believes that the best ideas are captured when musicians stay focused, so keyboards, synths, drums, piano, amps, and midi controllers are set up and ready to go at all times. Artists are able to combine writing, production, and recording in ways simply not possible in other studios. And perhaps most importantly, the Gaggia espresso machine is always on and ready to pull amazing coffee.

Some other artists Tim has worked with include: Peter Katz, James Barker Band, Rose Cousins, Laila Biali, Odario Williams, Zaki Ibrahim, Ron Sexsmith, Glen Hansard, Garth Hudson, SATE, Gavin Slate, Todd Clark and The Pick Brothers.

Tim’s projects have won or been nominated for many awards including JUNO, Maple Blues Awards, East Coast Awards, Western Canada Music Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards, and more. Tim has composed music for over 30 television series – for CBC, Global TV, CTV, Discovery, HGTV, History Channel, and Much Music. Some television scoring and theme music credits include: Marketplace (CBC), Underdogs (CBC), 16×9 (Global), Canada’s Worst Driver (Discovery, CTV), Vegas Rat Rods (Discovery), and Global Morning (Global).

For more information and to hear Tim’s work, visit: www.timothyabraham.com