Champagne James Robertson

Champagne James Robertson's Bio

Toronto/Nashvilles’s Champagne James Robertson is best known as the guitarist for Lindi Ortega and Dwayne Gretzky. His playing combines well-honed technical prowess with lyrical phrasing and creative melodic and harmonic ideas. Armed with a traditional electric guitar pallet of effect pedals and his modified Telecasters, Champagne James is a guitarist who likes to surprise, able to turn on a dime from beautiful emotive melodies to darkness – creating a universe of sound for the listener to live in.

“When I was very young my mom would sing to me. I remember the fragile voice…. all the space between the phrases. I remember how that made me feel. I’ve been trying to share that feeling ever since. The joy is in finding new ways to do that. At the heart of it is always collaboration. Whether it’s writing with another artist, arranging, producing and helping to develop their sound – the goal is always to create a universe of sound for music to live in.”

He also leads/co leads acclaimed instrumental groups, C&C Surf Factory and Spy vs Spy vs Sly.